Our Experts

Deep Scientific Expertise to Drive Superior Results

Committed Partners in the Most Complex Large Molecule Projects

Our scientists are key to the quality of work that BioAgilytix produces. Each member of the team is dedicated to being a true partner in your complex projects, helping you problem solve through every phase of drug development.

With an average of 15+ years of post-schooling bench experience, our team possesses deep expertise in a wide variety of current bioanalytical solutions and services. Our scientists have contributed to more than 1,000 publications and are committed to staying on the pulse of the latest scientific and regulatory developments in the biotech and pharma industries.

Meet some of the BioAgilytix experts you will work with during your drug development process:

  • Dr. Afshin SafaviDr. Afshin Safavi
  • Arno KrommingaPD Dr. Arno Kromminga
  • Dominique GoutyDr. Dominique Gouty
  • Dr. Steven MichaelDr. Steven Michael
  • Jeff Sailstad
  • Anita SimkinsAnita Simkins
  • Matthew LangevinMatthew Langevin
  • Kathryn LindleyKathryn Lindley
  • Dr. Imke MüllerDr. Imke Müller
  • Dr. Samuel Pine
  • David RusnakDavid Rusnak
  • Carla Gibbons
  • Krystal AlligoodKrystal Alligood
  • Christine DiMeglioDr. Christine DiMeglio
  • Dr. Janina HajekDr. Janina Hajek
  • Jennifer JohnsonJennifer Johnson
  • Timothy LansingTimothy Lansing
  • Peter LeitnerPeter Leitner
  • Dr. Janett Schwarz
  • Dr. Florian Sieglitz
  • Dr. Florian Unger
  • Sylvia WillenbergerSylvia Willenberger
  • Frank WischnewskiDr. Frank Wischnewski
  • Dr. Jennifer Zemo
  • Laura Lassen
  • Dr. Kathy Bortoff
  • John Daw
  • Todd Lester
  • Sam Witherspoon