Biacore Platform for Immunogenicity Studies


For Highly Specific Selection and Characterization of Biotherapeutic Candidates

Enabling label-free interaction analysis, The Biacore platform delivers data with rich information content on biomolecular interactions. BioAgilytix offers the Biacore™ T200 at our European laboratory in Hamburg, Germany to deliver highly specific analysis, robust data quality, and efficient time-to-results for immunogenicity studies at any phase of development.

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How the Biacore Platform Works

The Biacore platform monitors molecular interactions in real time by using a non-invasive label-free technology. This technology reacts to changes in the concentration of molecules at the sensor surface as molecules bind to or detach from the surface.

Biacore’s detection principle is based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) that is sensitive to changes in refractive index within about 150 nm from the sensor surface. To study the interaction between two binding partners, one partner is attached to the surface and the other is passed over the surface in a continuous flow of sample solution. The SPR response is directly proportional to the change in mass concentration close to the surface.

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Our passion for the science of small and large molecule bioanalysis drives our ability to deliver premium, tailored services for biomarker, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics (PK), and cell-based assays.

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Ideal Biacore Applications: For High-Quality Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions

Biacore is used by BioAgilytix in immunogenicity studies to analyze and characterize anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) and molecular interactions related kinetics, specificity, and concentration. It is also leveraged in the monitoring and characterization of ADAs in pre-clinical and clinical assay development, as well as for isotyping.

The SPR (surface plasmon resonance) on a Biacore is used for the characterization of ADAs and the measurement of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to Fc-gamma receptors. In addition, membrane proteins such as the interaction of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) with their ligands can be studied with Biacore.

Key Biacore Benefits: Specificity and Precision

A key advantage of the Biacore platform is its exceptional specificity, which enables label-free interaction analysis to be performed with precision and confidence. Investigations that are characterized by extreme kinetics, interacting partners with low molecular weights, or physiological concentrations that would otherwise be considered beyond the limits of detection can be done using Biacore.

Because of its specificity, this system enables interaction analysis with greater precision in understanding molecular mechanisms and structure-function relationships. In fact, The Biacore T200 offers the highest specificity of any current Biacore system, yielding exceptional data quality with increased precision of measurements that can reveal even minute differences in kinetics.

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Top Benefits of the Biacore Platform:

  • High Specificity
  • High Precision
  • Label-Free Interaction Analysis
  • High Reliability
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Platform In Action:

Managing unwanted immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins

Learn why the European Immunogenicity Platform (EIP) believes that a multidisciplinary approach is warranted to better understand and minimize drug immunogenicity.

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Bioagilytix’s Biacore Platform Expertise

From defining potential drug targets and diagnostic markers to detecting and characterizing ADAs in immunogenicity studies, the BioAgilytix team has extensive first-hand experience using Biacore to perform efficient, cost-effective, high-precision bioanalysis.

We will tailor the way we perform immunogenicity and ADA analysis with Biacore based on both the unique specificity and regulatory requirements of your project.

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