Metabolic Disease Research and Drug Development

Addressing Endocrine Disorders and Metabolic Diseases with Expert Bioanalysis

BioAgilygix offers comprehensive bioanalytical support for every stage of your therapeutic development for metabolic disease. We have extensive experience supporting the most complex challenges for bioanalysis of therapeutics treating endocrine disorders and metabolic diseases.

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Metabolic Disease Therapeutics:

A Growing Need

The global metabolic disease therapeutics market is set to grow at a steady pace in coming years, as metabolic diseases have become more common, especially in North America. The benefit of increased focus on these conditions is that today, treatment of metabolic diseases can truly begin at the source. Using information about the patient’s genetics, scientists and physicians can more accurately target the exact enzyme deficiency, and gene therapy has shown potential as an effective treatment for a number of inherited metabolic diseases in recent years.

In order to carry out these new and complex studies effectively, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need a trusted CRO partner that is well-versed in the complexities of endocrine disorders and metabolic diseases, and how to accurately assess the impact that drug candidates have on the regulation of various body functions.

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The Evolving Future Of Bioanalytical Outsourcing: What It Means For Our Industry

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations need a scientific partner that can help them constantly innovate and evolve to meet novel requirements of developing increasingly effective (but increasingly complex) therapeutic innovations.

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Bioanalysis for Metabolic Disease Research:

Expert, End-to-End Services

BioAgilytix has a deep understanding of metabolic and endocrine diseases and the drugs used to treat them. Our services span from the discovery phase through Phase I, II, III, and IV, and our GLP/GMP lab ensures that assay data upholds the requirements of regulated bioanalysis.

While our scientists have diverse experience within the realm of metabolic diseases, we have particular expertise analyzing compounds and therapeutics that target conditions including diabetes mellitus, glucose tolerance hypertension, insulin resistance, hormone replacement, and obesity.

The following services are regularly used in metabolic-related studies at BioAgilytix:

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Pharmacokinetics (PK)


Cell-Based Assays

State-of-the-Art Platforms for Metabolic Disease Therapeutics R&D: A Strategic Selection

In addition to the diverse range of services we can apply to metabolic disease therapeutic studies, we offer a diverse selection of advanced technologies and platforms designed to carry out your project efficiently and always with a high level of quality. Our scientists strategically apply these technologies to help solve the complex challenges often associated with the study of such diseases. A sample of the platforms we typically leverage is featured below:



Flow Cytometry (FACS Analysis)
ProteinSimple Ella
LI-COR Odyssey

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Subject Matter Experts in Metabolic Disease R&D, Committed to Completing Complex Studies

We understand that with a growing need for innovative treatments for inherently complex metabolic and endocrine diseases, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are in need of an outsourcing partner that can help efficiently develop the needed complex bioanalytical solutions.

BioAgilytix is an experienced provider of metabolic disease-related bioanalytical services, with over 30 validated biomarker assays for diabetes and obesity available for sample analysis both in single and multiplex formats. In fact, our scientists have contributed to several diabetes drugs in late clinical trials and have performed over 200,000 determinations. We leverage our veteran insights, gained from decades of real-world experience, to help you navigate scientific and regulatory complexities at every step of development.

If you are looking for an expert partner to help efficiently and effectively support the entirety of the metabolic disease research process, look no further than BioAgilytix.

Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD)

See how our PK expertise complements our immunogenicity services by evaluating absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion characteristics of a product.


Learn how we will translate our experience working with over 500 biomarkers in singleplex and multiplex formats to your project’s success.