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Biomarkers and Immunogenicity in the Spotlight at the 2016 10th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis

The whitepaper based on discussions at the 10th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (WRIB) has been published! Everyone who participated, are very excited to share the knowledge of industry leaders and regulators that was aggregated during the weeklong event.

This year’s WRIB was quite a successful event. Close to 700 industry leaders from biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, CROs, and regulatory agencies gathered in Orlando, Florida to share, review, and discuss topics in bioanalysis related to PK, biomarkers, and immunogenicity.

WRIB is a unique gathering because it is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration between scientists and regulators. The goal of the event is to address up and coming issues of interest in both small and large molecules with the priority of creating guidance that will produce better compliance with regulations across the industry. Three white papers were published as a result of WRIB 2016, each detailing recommendations for varied topics in bioanalysis to enable advances in scientific excellence, improved quality, and better regulatory compliance.

I was able to contribute to the body of knowledge that was created. Specifically we were able to add insights to the third part of the whitepaper detailing recommendations for LBA, biomarkers, and immunogenicity. I think our group of contributors was able to discuss a number of pressing bioanalytical challenges and come to consensus on several key topics in ways that will really contribute to the quality of work that the industry as a whole produces.

After this event I am exceedingly optimistic about the direction our industry will be taking moving forward. My major takeaway from WRIB was the quality of conversations I had with other scientists and with regulators from diverse organizations and career backgrounds. Everyone is so committed to pushing the boundaries and producing a better result for our clients, and ultimately the patients our bioanalytical breakthroughs will eventually serve. Kudos to everyone that arranged and attended this meeting, and I look forward to the next session where we can collaborate again.

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