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Category: Pharmacokinetics

The State Of The Biosimilars Market

3 key challenges facing the biosimilars space in 2023 In 2010, the biopharma industry saw an abrupt patent cliff: a significant number of top-selling drugs…

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What Parameters Are Acquired from a PK Study?

The term “Pharmacokinetics” is derived from “pharmakon” and “kinetikos” in ancient Greek, meaning “drug” and “position in motion,” respectively. It is one of the principal…

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The Difference Between Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

In the United States, the safety and efficacy of prescription and over-the-counter drugs are a top priority for our government, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical companies.…

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Bioanalytical Strategies to Support Biosimilar Programs: How BioAgilytix is Helping to Shape Best Practices

BioAgilytix has been fortunate enough to have several of our team members participate as co-authors on all three AAPS white papers in the series on…

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