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PCR as a Bioanalytical Tool for Gene and Cell Therapy

The third and final blog in our cell and gene therapy series will focus on PCR as a bioanalytical tool for gene and cell therapy.  Be sure to read our first blog on bioanalytical support for gene therapy programs and the second blog on the safety and efficacy testing of cell therapies.   Prevalence of PCR in Bioanalysis Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a laboratory method for detecting and quantitating molecular

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Safety and Efficacy Testing of Cell Therapies

An Overview of Cell Therapy: As we continue our blog series on cell and gene therapy, we will now dive into cell therapy programs. If you missed the first blog “Bioanalytical Support for Gene Therapy Programs,” you can find it here. Cell Therapy or Adoptive Cell Transfer are broad terms for the use of living cells to treat disease. This can include conventional treatments such as bone marrow and stem

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Bioanalytical Support for Gene Therapy Programs

An Introduction to Gene Therapy: As early as the 1970’s, the term “gene therapy” was used for the treatment of genetic disorders at the DNA level to replace the defective or missing proteins driving disease. By introducing functional gene copies to patients’ cells, the subsequent in vivo expression of protein leads to a therapeutic effect and may ultimately cure the associated disorder. Gene therapy has undergone several major paradigm shifts

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Validation of qPCR Assays for Gene Therapy

Though the modern world has progressed a lot in terms of medical interventions and biomedicine, there still are a vast number of diseases and disorders that demand a rather unconventional approach to treatment. Gene therapy has evolved as a technique that aims to address some of these diseases by introducing into a patient a normal copy of one or more defective genes responsible for the patient’s disease. By repairing the

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Challenges for Measuring Immunogenicity of AAV-based Gene Therapies

Gene therapy is a powerful form of treatment that involves introducing genetic material into cells to replace defective genes resulting in the production of an essential protein. If a defective gene causes a required protein to be faulty or absent, gene therapy may be able to restore the protein’s function by introducing a “healthy” copy of the gene. Since gene therapy products work by introducing genetic material into the cell,

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Cell and Gene Therapies Account for a Large Portion of the Therapeutics Market

Cell and gene therapies have gone through a growth spurt in the last decade. According to data from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), during the first three quarters of 2020, regenerative medicine research and development broke records at nearly $16 billion in global financing. From the treatment of knee injuries to osteoarthritis, certain cancers and even muscular dystrophy, advances in gene and cell therapies have definitely caught the attention

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The Power of Being NYCE

A recent study using triple-edited ‘NYCE’ cells shows the possibilities of multiplex genome editing to effectively treat complex diseases like some cancers. We explore the promising results.

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