Flow Cytometry (FACS Analysis)

BioAgilytix’s scientists are skilled in a broad variety of flow cytometry applications in support of non-GLP, GLP, GCP, and product release testing under GMP.

BioAgilytix offers premier flow cytometry analysis services at our laboratories in the US and Europe. We maintain two Cytek DxP8 FACSCalibur™ flow cytometry platforms as part of its premier immunoassay facility, leveraging them to perform accurate and efficient cell counting and sorting, biomarker detection, and protein engineering tasks.

The Benefits of Flow Cytometry

A key advantage of FACS analysis is the ability to analyze and measure cells individually. This is particularly beneficial when studying heterogeneous populations of cells, as it can be used to rapidly analyze subpopulations in just a few minutes, producing very detailed data on count, properties, and classification on a cell-by-cell basis.

Flow cytometry has the benefit of always highlighting non-uniformity in a uniform cell population. This makes it accurate and effective when used to identify and measure cellular biomarkers in complex subpopulations.

Top Uses for Flow Cytometry:

  • Single & Multicolor
  • Drug Targeting, Potency & Molecular Internalization
  • Biomarker Expression Monitoring

Common Applications for FACS Analysis:

  • Biomarkers
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Immunophenotyping

Leverage BioAgilytix’s Flow Cytometry Platform Expertise

BioAgilytix has proven our ability to efficiently and consistently perform assays using the flow cytometry platform, and to interpret the data derived for accurate, timely results. We will tailor the way we perform FACS analysis for your specific project, based on both sensitivity and regulatory requirements.

Discuss your flow cytometry questions with one of our scientific experts today.

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