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The Use of Cell-Based Assays for Translational Medicine Studies

Cell-based assays are an important tool in drug development. One of the biggest challenges when developing a drug is mimicking the appropriate physiological setting to predict the mechanism of action and safety profile when a drug is administered in vivo. However, appropriately designed cell-based assays can provide a solution for this by recreating the key components of

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ADCC and CDC Assay: Validation and Optimization

ADCC Antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) is a mechanism in host immune defense where antibodies bind to an antigen on the surface of a cell, targeting that cell for killing by an immune effector cell, such as a Natural Killer Cell (NK cell). The effector cell “recognizes” the antibody bound cell by binding to the

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Origins of CRISPR: How it Came to Be

Gene editing isn’t a new concept and has been around for decades. In its infancy, gene editing was time-consuming, inaccurate and costly. That all changed when a revolutionary technique called CRISPR took the science community by storm and has since made the process more affordable, efficient and accurate.  CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat)

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BioAgilytix Adds Extensive Capabilities with the Acquisition of MicroConstants and 360biolabs

BioAgilytix, a leading global contract research laboratory focused on supporting its pharmaceutical and biotech partners in all stages of large molecule drug development, recently acquired MicroConstants and 360biolabs. These acquisitions greatly expand the already impressive scope of BioAgilytix’s capabilities, scientific expertise and geographic footprint.  As an independent bioanalytical testing industry leader, MicroConstants, now known as

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What Parameters Are Acquired from a PK Study?

The term “Pharmacokinetics” is derived from “pharmakon” and “kinetikos” in ancient Greek, meaning “drug” and “position in motion,” respectively. It is one of the principal assessments in the drug development process that describes what the body does to an administered drug substance and is essential data for defining safe and effective levels of drug to

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