For IgE-Mediated Hyperreactivity Analysis

The ImmunoCAP platform is used to determine drug induced IgE-mediated immune responses, supporting the diagnosis of allergic reaction against biologicals. BioAgilytix offers ImmunoCAP at our European laboratory in Hamburg, Germany to deliver accurate and reproducible analysis results with increased efficiency for shortened lead times.


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The technology used in the ImmunoCAP platform enables a high binding capacity per mg cellulose in combination with an optimal amount of cellulose in each solid phase. This ensures binding of all relevant antibodies, regardless of antibody affinity, still giving low non-specific binding. The ImmunoCAP solid phase consists of a cellulose derivative enclosed in a capsule. The hydrophilic, highly branched polymer provides an ideal microenvironment for allergens, binding them irreversibly while maintaining their native structure.

The test is designed as a sandwich immunoassay. Biotinylated drug, bound to streptavdine-coated solid phase, reacts with the drug-specific IgE in the patient serum sample. After washing, enzyme-labeled antibodies against IgE are added to form a complex. After incubation, unbound enzyme-labeled anti-IgE is washed away and the bound complex is then incubated with a developing agent. After stopping the reaction, the fluorescence of the eluate is measured. The fluorescence is directly proportional to the concentration of IgE in the serum sample.

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ImmunoCAP offers a very sensitive IgE detection in the low ng- or pg range with high precision. It is used to determine site infusion reaction that is mediated in IgE, and enables IgE antibody development to be detected at an early stage, indicating sensitization—even before clinical symptoms have developed.

As such, BioAgilytix is able to use ImmunoCAP in immunogenicity studies evaluating an IgE-mediated type I hypersensitivity reaction against biologicals with excellent consistency and reliability.


The key advantages of ImmunoCAP are its ability to enable high productivity, high sensitivity, and high drug tolerance – and because of its automated processing, the platform is able to provide accurate, standardized, and reproducible test results.

Designed as sandwich assays, the solid phase of ImmunoCAP ensures binding of all, but only relevant antibodies. This is achieved through an extreme binding capacity in combination with an optimal amount of cellulose in each ImmunoCAP vial.

We use ImmunoCAP assays to deliver accurate and reproducible analysis results with increased efficiency and shortened lead times, achieved with the platform’s high-throughput automation capabilities.

Top Benefits of the ImmunoCAP Platform:

  • High Sensitivity
  • Automated Processing
  • High Accuracy
  • Standardized, Reproducible Results

Platform In Action:

Managing unwanted immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins

Learn why the European Immunogenicity Platform (EIP) believes that a multidisciplinary approach is warranted to better understand and minimize drug immunogenicity.


Our veteran scientific team has proven their ability to efficiently, consistently perform assays using ImmunoCAP, and to interpret the data derived for accurate, timely results. We have vast collective experience leveraging this platform to determine drug induced IgE-mediated immune responses.

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