[Episode 16] Angela Luttick talks Australia, Research and Growth! 

On this episode of Molecular Moments, Jim McNally chats with Angela Luttick, co-founder of 360biolabs & Executive Vice President, Commercial. 360biolabs, a BioAgilytix company, has labs located in Melbourne and Brisbane and is the most comprehensive specialty lab in the region.

They discuss the origins of 360biolabs, its role in early phase clinical trials, vaccine studies taking place in Australia, and recent global growth. Angela shares benefits of the merger, such as the ability to transition Phase 1 studies from Australia into Phase 2 in the USA, maintaining client continuity with BioAgilytix. Angela shares experiences in the Australian clinical trial sector during COVID and the overwhelming amount of R&D studies and other interesting ideas pitched to 360biolab, as well as plans for future growth and expanding services to clients.

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