[EPISODE 1] Dr. Jim McNally Talks Gene Therapy, Superheroes and Celery!

Welcome to episode one of the Molecular Moments podcast! On this first episode, Dr. Chad Briscoe is joined by his guest, Ph.D scientist, Dr. Jim McNally, and they get down to business as the two explore the various nuances in the outstanding work of Dr. McNally, how his career in bioanalysis became personal in an unexpected way, and what type of gene therapy it would take to create the next Superman or Hulk!

They also discuss:

  • How bioanalysis has evolved within the gene therapy space and how it has the ability to treat patients who are suffering from cancer or diseases
  • Dr. McNally’s passion and curiosity for immunogenicity
  • Unraveling immunogenetic data for drug development Developing drugs for gene therapy and problem-solving as a program lead
  • Whether gene therapy realistically has the potential to create superheroes
  • How Dr. McNally’s mentors, like Dr. Boris Gorovitz, while at Pfizer, helped him grow to become a better scientist. And why he thinks it’s important for him to mentor other scientists
  • His son’s Crohn’s disease diagnosis and balancing being both a father and bioanalytical scientist while seeing first-hand the benefits of biotherapies
  • And Dr. McNally’s passion for…celery!

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