[EPISODE 10] Jeff Sutherland Discusses Dogs: Canine Nutrition and Oncology Advances

In this episode, Chad sits down with Jeff Sutherland, founder and CEO of Canine Biologics. With over 500,000 dogs in the US and Canada diagnosed with cancer each year, Jeff’s company addresses nutritional needs for dogs to fight terminal diseases based on tumor type. They discuss how Jeff started off as pre-med in college before shifting his focus to marketing, then to dental technology, and finally to IT with a master’s in Artificial Intelligence before realizing his true passion…the health of dogs. Jeff shares how he was able to fulfill a dream of living in New Zealand thanks to an IT skill shortage at the time and how his dog inspired him to make the career change of creating restaurant-quality dog food with the proper nutrients that dogs need, and how an oncology vet inspired him to take a leap to create Canine Biologics. They end with a chat about travel bucket lists including the lakes region in Italy near Switzerland, Patagonia in South America, New Zealand, and Japan.

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