[Episode 17] Dr. Kevin Bateman talks innovation, dried blood spots, and the LCS model!

On this episode of Molecular Moments, Dr. Chad Briscoe is joined by Dr. Kevin Bateman, Scientific Associate Vice President at Merck. Kevin is a veteran of the bioanalytical industry and is known for innovating and encouraging new technology research. With over 25 years at Merk, Kevin shares a bit about his journey that started in an analytical lab focusing on biomarkers, pharmacology, biology, and clinical trials. They talk about Kevin’s thoughts on small volume sampling, how his daughter’s birth sparked an idea to use dried blood spots to help reduce animal usage in drug testing, and the one thing he learned from the training courses he has attended over the years.
Kevin is very passionate about his work and shares how he never accepts the status quo and is constantly searching for improvements through more research and study. While work is his passion and an important part of his lifestyle, they discuss how Kevin finds ways to combine work and pleasure, like going on travel bike trips and hiking with his dog, Penny!

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