[Episode 18] Dr. Dave Williams Talks Flow Cytometers, Harmony, and KC BBQ!

In this episode of Molecular Moments, Scientific Officer Amanda Hays speaks with BioAgilytix colleague Dr. Dave Williams, Vice President of Operations. Dave has spent the last decade of his career supporting and leading bioanalytical programs at contract research organizations (CROs) in his pursuit of solutions for scientific problems.

They discuss what inspired him to study science, his career path to BioAgilytix, working with flow cytometers, and how he stays current with industry advancements. Dave shares why mentorship is only a part of the equation when deciding how to move forward in your career as a scientist. They also talk about how BioAgilytix has kept up with the complexity of cell and gene therapy research and how harmonization across CROs can help determine best practices to drive the science forward.

Originally from Kansas City, Dave also shares his thoughts on what kind of BBQ reigns supreme, his favorite sports team, and recent adventures in his Jeep!

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