episode 25 of molecular moments

[EPISODE 25] Adam Stasio Talks Large Data Sets, Breaking Down Problems, and Tech-Driven Solutions

On this episode of Molecular Moments, Jim McNally, Ph.D., speaks with Adam Stasio, president of SciMed, whose mission is to craft software that frees their clients to do what they do best: advance cutting-edge technology, improve lives, and effect social change. They discuss their shared passion for problem-solving and how the right mindset helps find solutions to new issues that arise.

They talk about the role of data privacy and security with big data and what steps you can take to reconcile and harmonize data. Adam lays out several common problems encountered with large datasets, including inconsistencies, and how to go about solving them. He discusses the value his company provides by breaking down big problems into smaller independent issues and how by moving fast and asking for feedback, his team can deliver a variety of solutions to clients with many different needs in all different stages of the process.

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