[EPISODE 27] CEO of BioAgilytix Davide Molho,  Discusses Passion, Innovation, and the Future of the CRO Industry

In this episode of Molecular Moment, host Jim McNally, Ph.D., welcomes Davide Molho, DVM, the new CEO of BioAgilytix, to discuss his background, interests, and the company’s future. Davide shares his journey from veterinary medicine to entering the pharmaceutical industry and eventually finding his passion for the business side of science. He highlights the importance of the CRO industry in supporting the development of new therapies and improving patient health. Davide also discusses his first 100 days at BioAgilytix, the current state of the biotech and pharma industry, and the need for innovation and prioritization in drug development. Throughout the conversation, Davide emphasizes the importance of passion, purpose, and adaptability in both personal and professional growth.

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