[EPISODE 9] Dr. Jolly Mazumdar and Tim Chendrimada Talk Dreaming Big, Coffee Beans and Self Amplifying RNA!

In today’s episode, Chad sits down with guest scientists, Dr. Jolly Mazumdar and Tim Chendrimada, CEO, and CSO of Chimeron Bio. Two different beginnings; one in the sciences studying bugs and infectious diseases and the other in agriculture, specifically coffee beans! They talk to Chad about how their very different paths led them to become a dynamic duo in the next generation of RNA therapeutics.

From Tim asking a scientist of Wistar Institute to take a chance on him with no prior experience in medical science to Jolly traveling to the United States for graduate studies in infectious diseases, we learn about how the pair, originally from India, carved their paths to where they are now as veterans in the Pharma industry.

Both with careers early on at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Jolly’s focus was on biomarkers and innovative early clinical trials in skin cancer drugs and Tim’s on the development side as a bench scientist and the importance of having teamwork when it comes to drug development. These valuable experiences led them to create Chimeron Bio.

They talk about how the opportunity to create Chimeron Bio came to be, the importance of challenging yourself and taking risks you believe in, talking to investors, their technology pipeline and self-amplifying RNA COVID-19 vaccine that protects against new variants.

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