[Episode 15] Neil Spooner Talks Bioanalysis, Microsampling and Homemade Jam!

In this episode of Molecular Moments, Chad Briscoe sits down with Neil Spooner, founder and director of Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions and senior editor of the journal, “Bioanalysis.” Based in England, Neil shares a bit of his background in LC-MS, his first taste of quantitative bioanalysis at Huntingdon Life Sciences, helping organizations understand their own technologies and the exciting challenges that bioanalytical groups face.

They also talk about the increase in interest behind microsampling for pediatrics, using less animals for testing while getting better results, patient-centric testing for better clinical trials and results, solutions for keeping clinical trials open during the pandemic, and encouraging dialogue and collaboration with peers, clinicians, and patients to make the biggest positive impacts. Aside from consulting and bioanalysis, Neil shares his joy in using his science skills to make homemade cuisine, including cheeses, jams, and gin!

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