[Episode 14] President & CEO Jim Datin Talks Company Culture, Core Values, and Global Growth!

On this episode of Molecular Moments, BioAgilytix Chief Scientific Officer Jim McNally chats with the company’s President & CEO about the exciting new updates that are putting BioAgilytix at the forefront of biotech on a global level.

From multiple acquisitions to a new investor that sees the bigger picture, Datin shares how these opportunities came to be and what major deciding factors came into play when finalizing the acquisitions. The two biotech companies acquired MicroConstants in San Diego, California and 360biolabs in Melbourne and Brisbane Australia, are leaders in bioanalysis, and both are aligned with the BioAgilytix core values: Integrity, Customer Experience, Accountability, Respect, and Employee Experience. They also discuss BioAgilytix’s new London-based investor Cinven, which will create the opportunity to grow BioAgiliytix through additional acquisitions, building additional campuses, ensuring state-of-the-art equipment at all locations and the opportunity for professional development.

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