Validation of Anti‑Adeno Associated Virus Serotype rh10 (AAVrh.10) Total and Neutralizing Antibody Immunogenicity Assays

Immunogenicity assessment of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) vectors is a critical part of gene therapy drug development. Whether the assays are used for inclusion/exclusion criteria or to monitor the safety and efcacy of the gene therapy, they are critical bioanalytical assessments. While total anti-AAV assays are perceived as easier to develop and implement than neutralizing anti-AAV assays, the gene therapy feld is still nascent, and it is not yet clear which of the assays should be implemented at what stage of drug development. Recently AAVrh.10 has gained interest for use in gene therapies targeting cardiac, neurological, and other diseases due to its enhanced transduction efciency. There is limited information on antiAAVrh.10 antibodies and their clinical impact; thus, the information presented herein documents the validation of both a total antibody assay (TAb) and a neutralizing antibody (NAb) assay for anti-AAVrh.10 antibodies. In this manuscript, the validation was performed in accordance with the 2019 FDA immunogenicity guidance with additional evaluations to comply with CLIA where applicable. The AAVrh.10 TAb and NAb assays were compared in terms of sensitivity, drug tolerance, and precision, along with a concordance analysis using the same individual serum samples. This comparison gave insight into the utility of each format as a screening assay for inclusion into clinical studies.