Assay Focus
Assay Focus

Proven Experts in Complex Bioanalytical Assays

The Industry’s Leading Cell-Based Assay & Immunoassay Lab

Don’t let your promising large molecule drug candidate stall out because of complexity. BioAgilytix provides the global, best-in-class bioanalytical capabilities needed to address even the most challenging biomarker, immunogenicity, PK, and cell-based assay requirements.

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Cell-Based Assays

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Critical Reagents

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Toxicology Studies

bioagilytix way video

bioagilytix way video

Discover Our Unique Approach: The BioAgilytix Way

Learn what makes BioAgilytix a different kind of bioanalytical CRO – and how our commitment to premier science, service, and results drives your large molecule study’s success.

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