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BioAgilytix is working alongside our pharma and biotech customers to help lead change in the way cancer is treated, looking beyond generic chemotherapies and toward new, more effective personalized approaches. As a bioanalytical CRO specialized in complex drug development efforts, including oncology and immune-oncology studies and trials, we deliver multi-stage bioanalytical services and the extensive expertise needed to add value every step of the way.

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Oncology: A Rapidly Changing Market

The clinical landscape for cancer is currently undergoing an exciting shift. Cancer treatment has historically consisted of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, but new therapies have recently emerged as promising weapons in the fight against this terrible disease. For example, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) use high specificity to bring a tumor-killing agent to its location to eliminate tumor cells only, leaving healthy tissue untouched. Additionally, immuno-oncological approaches are being developed which leverage patients’ own immune systems to eliminate cancer cells, and scientists and doctors are seeing real promise in such targeted therapies.

These molecular and possibly personalized approaches may lead to the dusk of generic chemotherapies and to a new level of curative cancer treatment – and possibly even to the eradication of most types of cancer. However, it takes veteran scientific expertise – and a deep understanding of methods such as mAbs, adoptive cell therapy, immune checkpoint therapy and more – in order to fully realize the potential of such complex biotherapeutics.


oncology research and development

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BioAgilytix Oncology-Related Services: Comprehensive Strategy

From discovery through Phases I, II, II and IV, BioAgilytix offers comprehensive bioanalytical support for every stage of oncology drug research and development. We uphold the highest commitment to superior science, supporting our laboratory staff with a Quality team that has extensive experience in maintaining outstanding reliability in regulated environments.

As an industry leader in oncology-related bioanalytical services, we provide expert support in xenograft, PBMC, and tumor analysis, as well as for cancer-related cell-based assays.

The following services are regularly used in oncology-related studies at BioAgilytix:






Pharmacokinetics (PK)


Cell-Based Assays

oncology bioanalysis

Advanced Platforms for Oncology-Related Services: Best-Fit Technologies

To deliver our comprehensive range of services and accurate, reliable, timely data to drive decision-making at every stage of the oncology drug development process, we utilize an array of advanced technologies and platforms. We apply these technologies strategically and in a tailored fashion to meet the unique assay demands of complex oncology projects. The platforms we most commonly use in oncology-related studies at BioAgilytix include:

elisa platform analytical device



msd-ecl platform analytical device


gyrolab xl platform analytical device

Gyrolab xP

luminex bio-plex platform analytical device

Luminex Bio-Plex

flow cytometry platform analytical device

Flow Cytometry
(FACS Analysis)

proteinsimple platform analytical device



li-cor odyssey platform analytical device

LI-COR Odyssey

delfia platform analytical device


large molecule bioanalysis

bioanalytical resource center

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Explore our array of white papers, articles, and videos to gain deeper insight into our large molecule expertise, and to stay updated with the latest news and research coming from the field of bioanalysis.

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Entrust Your Oncology Research To Time-Tested Experts

The development of novel oncological therapeutic tools requires specific and sensitive bioanalytical methods and customized assays, and our veteran scientists have the expertise it takes to advance them. In fact, our scientific team has published more than 100 articles in the oncology arena, showing our commitment to this this area of study.

Trial success also hinges just as much upon researchers and scientists anticipating the addressing every scientific complexity at every stage of the drug development process. We understand that your potentially life-saving cancer therapy is no place for compromises, and work as a partner and true extension of your team to provide thorough expertise in oncology-related bioanalytical research, with the relevant services, technological tools, and techniques you need to make needed advancements for the patients you serve.

If you have a project related to oncology research and development, and would like to learn how BioAgilytix will work to effectively progress it, please speak to our scientific team today.

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