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Bioanalytical Services Supporting Small and Large Molecule Innovation

For years, top pharmaceutical companies and growing biotechnology players alike have relied on BioAgilytix’s specialized bioanalytical services to deliver the results they need to progress their biologic candidates through development.

Small and Large Molecule bioanalysis holds tremendous promise in the creation of safer, more effective drugs, and our veteran team will help unlock that therapeutic value for your organization and the patients you serve.

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Decades of Experience: Key for Expert Drug Development

Our BPMs average 15+ years in drug development, working with some of the world’s largest and well-respected pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and CROs for decades. We take the comprehensive knowledge this team has garnered—in both scientific skill as well as regulatory know-how—to work as a seamless extension of your internal team and deliver the biomarker, immunogenicity & PK, and cell-based assay support needed to overcome development hurdles.


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How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Bioanalytical Lab

It takes the right strategy and the right partner to CAPITALIZE on the growth happening in the biologics market. In this eBook, we break down eight key selection criteria for ensuring a successful partnership with a bioanalytical laboratory.

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Bioanalytical Services Tailored to Your Unique Demands

Pharma and biotech companies are facing growing competition, and with that, more pressure to rapidly innovate. The area of biologics presents an opportunity to differentiate, but often these organizations lack the depth of specialized knowledge or the technologies needed to best execute the assays for their development in an efficient and effective manner. This is where BioAgilytix can provide value-added bioanalytical services to supplement your own resources, together driving rapid, robust results. In fact, we are a partner to 21 of the top 25 global pharma and biotech companies, supporting them through various stages of biologic development. Our customers benefit from BioAgilytix’s:

Bioanalytical Services with Small and Large molecule Specialty:

Extensive Suite of Bioanalytical Platforms:

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A Trusted Resource to Help You Meet Stringent Industry Requirements

We know the intricate ins and out of scientific, regulatory, and quality requirements related to bioanalysis, and how to avoid the pitfalls that would adversely affect costs and timelines. To keep processes optimally streamlined, we implement a proven bioanalytical project management model, which provides your project with the active oversight of a senior scientist committed to adhering to your schedule and budget. This ensures consistent communication and oversight that is many times missing in other outsourced pharmaceutical services.

By anticipating challenges and proactively working to provide solutions, BioAgilytix tailors our assay methods and platform usage to drive your success. Our expert bioanalytical services are aimed at compressing the timeline from discovery to market for pharmaceutical and biotech customers.


Make BioAgilytix Your Bioanalytical Services Partner

Our veteran scientific team works scientist to scientist with your own internal teams, providing expert bioanalytical services that span the lifecycle of development – from discovery through post-marketing surveillance – and that are specifically focused on solving biologic challenges. We’ll help you navigate the scientific and regulatory complexities with an integrated approach that combines deep small and large molecule knowledge, premier bioanalytical laboratory facilities, and a proven, efficient model of project management.

Choosing BioAgilytix guarantees that your small and large molecule bioanalysis will be performed by only the most skilled, competent, and experienced scientists. This wealth of knowledge, combined with our robust technology, proven processes, and uniquely collaborative approach, enable us to deliver quality results to our pharma & biotech clients with unequaled speed and success.

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Our Solution Areas Include:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Biosimilars
  • ADCs
  • Immuno-oncology

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