Flow cytometry is a powerful and versatile tool for analytical testing of therapeutic compounds. This technique can be used to acquire data at the single-cell level in support of a variety of bioanalytical endpoints for discovery, preclinical, and clinical analyses.

Custom Flow Cytometry Solutions for Every Phase

At BioAgilytix, we focus on maintaining a large portfolio of flow cytometry techniques and solutions so we can offer comprehensive support to our clients. Our cytometers can be used for regulated assays and with our robust quality systems, we can provide phase-appropriate flow cytometric bioanalysis (GLP, GCP/GCLP, and GMP). Our scientists have experience working across a wide range of flow cytometry endpoints utilizing a variety of cell types including primary cells and cell lines of human or animal origin. No matter what your flow cytometry needs, we can work hand-in-hand with you to provide insight and guidance on the appropriate way to design and build a solution.

Our Flow Cytometry Assay Expertise

Our flow cytometry laboratories are staffed with experienced scientific teams that routinely develop assays to support drug development programs across a range of endpoints and applications including, but not limited to:

Flow Cytometry at BioAgilytix

BioAgilytix can support flow cytometry readouts for assays under non-regulated or regulated (GLP, GCP/GCLP, and GMP) conditions, utilizing the following platforms:

  • CytoFLEX LX 
  • BD FACSLyric™ 
  • BD LSRFortessa™ X-20 
  • BD FACSCanto™ II
  • Thermo Fisher Attune