Our Platforms
Our Platforms

Advanced Technology for Robust Results

Explore Our World-Class Bioanalytical Platform Suite

BioAgilytix offers one of the most extensive platform suites for large molecule bioanalysis, comprised of state-of-the-art, industry-leading instrumentation to support global studies with rapid, precise, and reproducible results.

Click to explore the capabilities of each platform in more detail to learn which option will be best for your unique study. If you need specific guidance on platform selection, speak to our team today.

elisa platform analytical device

Biotek Synergy 2 Plate Reader

msd-ecl platform analytical device

Meso Scale Discovery Sector Imager 6000, Sector S 600, and QuickPlex SQ 120

flow cytometry platform analytical device

BD CytoFLEX, BD FACSLyric™, and more…
(Flow Cytometry)

real-time pcr qpcr for bioanalysis

Applied Biosystems ViiA 7

roche cobas analyzer for antibody testing

Roche cobas® Analyzer

gyrolab platform analytical device


proteinsimple ella platform analytical device

ProteinSimple Ella

li-cor platform analytical device

LI-COR Odyssey

luminex platform analytical device

Luminex Flexmap 3D and BioPlex

biacore platform analytical device

Biacore™ T200

immunocap platform analytical device

Phadia 200

elispot platform analytical device

AID ELISpot Reader

bioanalytical lab partner

large molecule bioanalysis

Why BioAgilytix for Large Molecule Bioanalysis?

Our passion for the science of large molecule bioanalysis drives our ability to deliver premium, tailored services for biomarker, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics (PK), and cell-based assays.

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Need Platform Guidance?

Tell us your project requirements and we will help you select the optimal technology to support it.


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