The BioAgilytix Way
How We’re Different

The BioAgilytix Way

Our Unique Approach to Small and Large Molecule Bioanalysis

At BioAgilytix, expert scientists work in partnership with innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to deliver premium science needed to advance biotherapeutics that can change and save lives for patients across the globe.

What makes BioAgilytix a different kind of bioanalytical CRO?

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It’s in the way we deliver premium science

We know that the best science demands the best people, and this fact is exemplified at BioAgilytix every day by our global team of scientists, who bring a passion for helping pharma and biotech companies achieve more for the patients they serve.

We’ve worked to build a robust veteran team with the breadth and depth of firsthand expertise our customers’ complex small and large molecule studies demand. Our scientists are committed to continually building and applying their knowledge to help our customers effectively navigate the ever-evolving scientific and regulatory complexities of biologics development. Whether working with our USA and Europe teams, you’ll have the same level of premium scientific support, delivered by true experts in small and large molecule bioanalysis.

One Global ‘A’ Team: A Deep Bench with Diverse Small and Large Molecule Expertise

experienced scientific team

Scientific team averaging 15+ years of post-schooling bench experience

expert pioneers

Led by pioneers & thought leaders in bioanalysis for biologics development

global team

Experience that crosses continents – diverse USA and European teams

specialized small and large molecule focus

Specialized Small and Large Molecule focus; passionate about keeping on the pulse of industry shifts in this area

collaborating scientist to scientist

It’s in the way we collaborate to problem solve

In our model for partnership, collaboration is critical. We work alongside our customers’ internal teams to identify study opportunities, anticipate challenges, and deliver results that are on time – and right the first time.

We do this through a unique approach which assigns a Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) – a seasoned scientific project director – to actively oversee the study both in and out of the laboratory. Along with the BPM, the project team is comprised of dedicated, experienced scientists who work alongside the BPM to handle all aspects of your project from beginning to end in a seamless, transparent fashion.

A Scientist to Scientist Approach: Working Together to Achieve More

bpm model

BPM model provides a single point of contact and full visibility into project progress at every stage

problem solvers

Every team member is a problem solver, proactively anticipating challenges and opportunities

employee retention

95%+ employee retention rate means customers have the same committed team, start to finish

It’s the way we commit to quality results, and invest in advancement


scientific quality

We don’t just talk about quality, we deliver it every time. Our veteran QA team has crafted a robust, sustainable Quality Management System (QMS) built upon the core pillars necessary to deliver accurate, reliable results that comply with the necessary regulatory parameters of each project.

Robust GxP Services: Data Delivered Right, Right On Time

gxp compliance

Compliance to GLP, GCP, and GMP relevant regulations and guidelines

quality assurance

Quality Assurance team averaging 20+ years of experience


advancing small and large molecule bioanalysis

We are invested in building the best team, that has access to best-in-class platforms and technology, and guided by the industry’s best scientific leaders. Our focus on continual advancement of our own organization helps us keep pace with our customers’ rapidly evolving small and large molecule demands.

Driven to Achieve More: Focused on Continual Advancement

scientific rigor

Scientific rigor, technology, and capacity to address even the most complex assays

continual advancement

Committed to keeping on the pulse of global bioanalytical industry shifts

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