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Category: Flow Cytometry

Receptor Occupancy Flow Cytometry Assays

This is the final blog in our three-part flow cytometry series. Part 1 highlighted the broad application of flow cytometry for bioanalysis, part 2 investigated…

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Flow Cytometry Assays for Cell Therapy

As we continue our blog series on flow cytometry, we’ll now dive into how this powerful capability supports multiple types of cell therapies. If you…

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Flow Cytometry – What’s Old is New Again

Analytical testing of therapeutic compounds often requires data at the single-cell level. Flow cytometry is a versatile technology that can analyze multiple characteristics of cells…

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Flow Cytometry in Bioanalysis: Application, Utility and Recent Advancements

Flow Cytometry in Drug Development Flow cytometry is a technique that is used to analyze multiple characteristics of single cells. These characteristics include cell size,…

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