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The Impact of Brexit on European Biotech and Biopharma

Posted by BioAgilytix / / Industry Update

At the commencement of her national campaign in July 2016, the former UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated, “It is hard to think of an industry of greater strategic importance to Britain than its pharmaceutical industry.” This still holds true today. Despite this, according to the Freedom of Information Act, as of 2017, the number of EU academics and staff departing the United Kingdom was up by over 35% compared to years prior. In fact, many companies, Biotech included, have been leaving the UK for the Netherlands only adding to…

The Power of Being NYCE

Dr. Jim McNally
Posted by Dr. Jim McNally / / Gene Therapy, Industry Update

A recent study using triple-edited ‘NYCE’ cells shows the possibilities of multiplex genome editing to effectively treat complex diseases like some cancers. We explore the promising results.

Science Can’t Be Stopped: Pushing Forward Health Breakthroughs & Hope in Uncertain Times

Dr. Afshin Safavi
Posted by Dr. Afshin Safavi / / Industry Update

As the pharma & biotech industry is working around the clock to address the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, they are also giving the world hope that we will overcome these trying times. We highlight some of the important solutions in development & why we're all pushing forward: because to create new breakthroughs, you can't stop science.

A Dose of Pharma and Biotech News: December 12, 2019

Jim Datin
Posted by Jim Datin / / BioAgilytix Insight, Industry Update

With innovative research driving pharmaceutical and biotech breakthroughs, industry progress is accelerating at a rapid pace. We've compiled some recent industry articles on the latest topics to share with you.