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Event Line-Up: The Bioanalytical Industry Forums We’ll Be at This Fall

We’re looking forward to participating in several upcoming bioanalytical conferences and events this fall, ranging from small-circle workshops to global, world-renowned industry forums. Each event will provide the opportunity for BioAgilytix to not only partake in, but to also lead, scientific discussions related to trends, challenges, and evolving best practices in large molecule bioanalysis for biologics, cell therapies, and gene therapies.

The BioAgilytix team will begin its fall shows in Europe with the Festival of Biologics taking place in Basel, Switzerland from October 15 to 17, where the company will be exhibiting at Booth #14. During the same time in the USA, scientists will be on hand at Booth #9 for the CHI Immunogenicity & Bioassay Summit in Washington, D.C. Summit attendees can also hear from BioAgilytix’s Vice President of Operations, Kathryn Lindley, during her presentation happening on Thursday, October 17, entitled “A Platform Assay for Detection of Anti-PEG Antibodies in Patient Serum”. She will discuss how BioAgilytix developed a platform assay to detect anti-PEG antibodies in human serum with high specificity and sensitivity, including in patients treated with therapeutics containing 5kDa, 20kDa and 40kDa PEG molecules.

On October 24, we will be hosting our own workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark entitled “New aspects in regulated Bioanalysis”. Led by PD Dr. Arno Kromminga, BioAgilytix’s Senior Vice President & Global Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Lydia Michaut, Scientific Officer, the workshop will cover new concepts in the understanding of immunogenicity, including for novel advanced medical therapies such as gene therapies. Interested attendees can register for the workshop here.

In November, BioAgilytix will first be participating at AAPS’ 2019 PharmSci 360 in San Antonio, Texas as both an exhibitor and sponsor. Visitors can schedule time to meet with attending scientists and executives in a one-on-one session or stop by the company’s Booth #1207 any time during the event which runs from November 3 to 6. BioAgilytix will also be sponsoring the keynote presentation entitled “A Holistic Approach to the Advancement of Cellular and Gene Therapies” to be given by Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the US FDA. BioAgilytix scientists will be hosting a “Continued Conversation” roundtable session following the keynote for attendees to engage further around the cell and gene therapy topics discussed.

BioAgilytix’s European team will also be attending several events in later November, beginning with Bio-Europe to be held in Hamburg, Germany from November 11 to 13, and followed shortly thereafter by PEGS Europe in Lisbon, Portgual.

As a team we share a passion for, and deep commitment to, staying updated and attuned to the latest trends in the bioanalytical field. We are looking forward to participating in these important forums with sponsors and other industry thought leaders – both contributing our knowledge and expertise and learning from members of our bioanalytical community. We’re also proud to have our scientists leading several presentation sessions, as it will allow them to share their insights to help further shape the scientific dialogue in their field.


For more information on where you can meet up with BioAgilytix this fall, click here.

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