Lot Bridging Considerations for Immunoassay Kits in Biomarker Studies

Published by BioAgilytix 

Successful interpretation of a biomarker study in support of both preclinical and clinical studies heavily depends on the quality of bioanalysis.  A hallmark of successful translation is the integration of data and information obtained from multiple sources to create a systems view of disease and one of the key components would be high quality and consistent bioanalytical data throughout the entire project.  One of the challenges that all bioanalytical labs face today is how to hangle variability in the immunoassay kits that are available in the market today.  In particular, this is a challenge when the studies last multiple years requiring bridging between multiple kits during the study life time.

This poster presents a case study of bridging three singleplex and on custom multiplex Meso Scal Discovery electrochemiluminescent (MSD-ECL) immunoassay kits for 11 biomarkers used in an ongoing cutaneous lupus study.

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