Because of the inherent complexities of large molecule bioanalysis, open communication throughout every study is vital to success. Ideally, there should be a constant stream of information flowing between the customer and the lab conducting their research, in order to proactively identify pitfalls, address potential challenges, and overcome issues before they cause project delays or compromised results. However, sponsors today still lack confidence in traditional CROs’ ability to communicate actively and cooperatively, as evidenced by the 2015 Contract Pharma survey where 46% of respondents cited poor communication as the biggest challenge for a successful relationship between their firm and a CRO.

BioAgilytix is committed to overcoming our industry’s archetypal communication struggles and addressing customer needs in a more straightforward and responsive way. These are the strategies we employ to provide our customers with superior communication:

Providing a Consistent Single Point of Contact
In the model traditionally employed by most CROs, project teams are comprised largely of junior scientists, which can lead to team instability. In fact, a recent study found that as of December 2015, the average turnover rate among U.S. CROs jumped to 19.5%. This makes it nearly impossible for those CROs to provide customers with a consistent, cohesive team from start to finish, and as scientists are continually swapped in and out, communication breakdowns are bound to occur.

BioAgilytix is far different in this respect, leading our industry with a 98%+ employee retention rate among our scientific team averaging 15+ years of bench experience. We remove the confusion around who to consult about your study by assigning your project a seasoned Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) as your single point of contact, leading an experienced team that you can be confident will see your study to completion. Your BPM provides active in-lab oversight each day, interfacing between your internal scientists and the BioAgilytix scientific team to advance and enrich your project every step of the way while keeping the lines of communication open.

This combination of expertise, deep commitment, and transparency yields a collaborative relationship that is highly unique and differentiated in our market—allowing for true ‘scientist to scientist’ consultation and high levels of continuity to drive successful outcomes.

Prioritizing Responsiveness
Sponsors working with traditional CROs often maintain that they are not responsive to their needs, and only call when there is a problem with the project. Instead of the roadblocks in communication, you find at traditional CROs, BioAgilytix provides complete transparency into the status and progress of your project, 24/7.

Our BPMs work each day to proactively identify potential obstacles before they become costly issues to your study, and will reach out with recommendations to overcome those challenges before they create errors or delays. Through openness and rapid responses, we are able to collaborate with our customers to effectively navigate any bioanalytical and regulatory complexities that arise throughout the course of the study.

Our approach is built from top to bottom to address the communication challenges too often experienced when outsourcing bioanalytical lab services. We understand that complex large molecule projects demand the ultimate level of project continuity, accountability, and ownership in order to produce reliable, high-quality results on time. Communication is a vital part of this, and is what makes us successful here at BioAgilytix.

Partner with BioAgilytix: The Large Molecule CRO You’ve Been Looking For

When you partner with BioAgilytix, you have access to the resources, knowledge, skills, expertise, and communication you need to be successful. We have locations across the US and Europe, so we can support your international projects. We also have a wide range of advanced in-house technology, a large biomarker menu (500+ and counting), and a variety of assay focus specialties. We are known for our work in Gene Therapy, Car T-Cell Therapy, Biosimilars, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), Immuno-oncology, and more. Speak to one of our scientists today to learn more about how we can support your next project.