As a bioanalytical lab, of course we’re expected to provide our customers with bioanalytical services. However, we work to provide our customer with more than just what they hire us for. We are not just a service provider; we are expert partners and problem solvers, fully committed to each and every one of our customers’ studies. Going the extra mile is how we have been able to build our business to a point where we as a trusted partner to 23 of the top 25 global pharma and biotech companies in the world. As I see it, our best-in-class team, specialized offerings, and unique partnership approach allow us to serve as the ideal problem solvers for our customer’s unique bioanalytical challenges.

The Best Science Demands the Best People
To solve a problem you have to be able to understand it on a deep level. Our expert scientists average over 15 years of post-schooling bench experience, and with that much first-hand perspective it’s safe to say they have the proficiency to understand the complexities of your study. On top of their experience, 35% of our scientists hold a Masters or Ph.D. degree. Our scientists have been recognized across the industry with over 1,000 published articles in reputable peer-reviewed journals and awards as esteemed experts in immunoassays, cell-based assays, biomarkers, and biosimilars. These best of the best scientists are always prepared to roll up their sleeves to provide the solution to any problem that our customers are faced with. We provide proven scientific and regulatory expertise needed to overcome bioanalytical complexities and avoid quality pitfalls in every phase.

Specialized Offerings
It’s better to know a lot about a little than a little about a lot. To that end, BioAgilytix focuses only on large molecule bioanalysis, allowing each and every person in our organization to become expert bioanalytical scientists as well as expert problem solvers. Our scientific expertise is world-renowned in the areas of biomarker, immunogenicity, PK, and cell-based assays. However, BioAgilytix’s true specialty is the complexity that comes along with working with any large molecule study. Our team works every day in some of the most complex and demanding areas of bioanalysis and our focused large molecule offerings permit us to have a deeper understanding of each of study we support, so we can anticipate and overcome problems before they arise.

Partnership Approach
In addition to our experienced team and our focused specialization in large molecules, there is an additional aspect we at BioAgilytix feel is vitally important for effective problem solving: partnership. We work in unison with your internal teams each day, because to be able to address your challenges, we need to be able to understand those problems from your unique perspective. We want to be able to anticipate the challenges of your study and recommend solutions before there is even a significant problem to address. Our approach to partnership has allowed us to serve our customers more effectively, resulting in numerous successful study submissions as well as bioanalytical breakthroughs that have supported biologics now on the market today.

As a company, we are not only capable of providing straightforward solutions; I want our customers to see that BioAgilytix is a problem-solving partner. We thrive in the complexity and innovation of large molecule bioanalysis and work every day to make our customers successful for the patients they serve.

If you would like to learn more about how BioAgilytix’s problem solving approach can improve your bioanalytical studies, please reach out to me with any questions or inquiries.