When it comes to large molecule bioanalysis, scientists often need to strike a delicate balance between data and time requirements: ensuring their results are as accurate and reproducible as possible, while doing so within aggressive or constraining timelines. Both sides must be upheld to avoid budget overruns or the chance that the data will be eventually rejected by regulatory agencies. Luckily, bioanalytical technology advancements are continually being made to address these pressures, and with the right platform scientific teams can more confidently deliver robust results, on time.

One such example of innovative platform technology is that for automated nanoliter-scale immunology assays, developed by Gyros. Gyros’ technology miniaturizes and automates the analysis of large numbers of samples in parallel to minimize user error while accelerating the time it takes to develop and validate the assays. In fact, their Gyrolab™ xP workstation is one that BioAgilytix’s scientists can turn to rapidly generate high-quality data, particularly from small sample volumes.

Gyros Technology – How It Works
The Gyrolab platform automates immunological assays in identical microfluidic channels using highly sensitive, laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detection. It does this through a proprietary CD technology that reduces sample requirements and reagent consumption by up to a hundredfold. Each CD has individual microstructures which include a volume definition chamber for ultra-accurate nanoliter sample volumes; an overflow channel for excess liquid in case of inaccurate pipetting; a 15-nl affinity capture column to mitigate non-specific binding; and hydrophobic barriers that stop liquid flow and ensure consistent volume delivery. This set up ensures precise volume definition by eliminating pipetting errors and risk of cross-talk—mitigating variability that may otherwise occur during manual sample and reagent loading.

The Gyrolab xP also enables parallel sample processing, running up to 5 CDs concurrently under uniform conditions to maximize reproducibility and reliability. Using programmed centrifugal and capillary forces, Gyrolab controls the movement of liquid through each CD, spinning them at speeds that optimize binding and enable high-sensitivity LIR detection. The whole workflow is automated to allow for high throughput in short timeframes.

Uses of the Gyros Platform
As you can see, Gyros is a good technology to deliver accurate results for immunoassays in a rapid manner. Its CDs provide a flexible foundation on which to design assays to quantify proteins with a suitable binding pair. For those reasons, it is commonly used during the discovery phase of a study, where it is typical that a large amount of diverse samples must be analyzed in a relatively short timeframe. That said, its automation capabilities also make it a good tool to help meet the stringent data and timeline demands of regulated bioanalytical studies. Our team has also found it to be particularly helpful in studies that have limited sample and reagent volumes.

Benefits of Gyros
By miniaturizing immunoassays to significantly reduce sample and reagent consumption, the Gyros platform saves precious bioanalytical resources while maintaining the robustness of results. It mitigates the risk of variability associated with manual labor, simplifying assay workflows with automation and a flow-through technology that eliminates incubations and shortens run times. Most importantly, the Gyrolab platform—when utilized optimally—yields rapid and accurate results that provide a sound base for scientists to make effective, quick decisions.

Key Benefits of Gyrolab Immunology Assays:

    • Automates Assay of Samples in Parallel
    • Greatly Reduced Sample Volume
    • Reduced Reagent Consumption
    • Relatively High Throughput
    • Good Matrix Tolerance
    • Good Precision and Accuracy
    • Capable of Broad Dynamic Range (dependent upon reagent binding pair)
    • Generates Same-Day Results

BioAgilytix’s Platform Expertise
BioAgilytix’s scientists are expertly versed in the capabilities that Gyros delivers for pharmacokinetics, biomarker, and immunogenicity studies, and have proven its effectiveness in delivering precise, reproducible results from small sample volumes—in turn enabling our customers to make fast, effective decisions throughout the development process. We can help you determine for the Gyrolab xP is a strong fit for your immunoassay project, or if another platform from our state-of-the-art technology suite will best help you advance your promising biotherapeutic innovations.

Speak to one of our scientists today to find out more about how BioAgilytix combines premier immunology assay services with Gyros’ advanced technology to effectively progress your large molecule study, within scope and with reliable results.