For any bioanalytical lab, people are the most valuable resource; but for BioAgilytix, it is the passion that our people bring to their work each day that helps truly set our science and services apart.

We want to give you more insight into the people behind our science, so we’ve been sitting down with members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) teams so they can share their experiences firsthand. Today we talk with Angela Daniels, QC Specialist IV at BioAgilytix’s North Carolina laboratory, to gain her perspective on what it’s like to support the quality work that BioAgilytix delivers each day.

Tell us a little bit about your role at BioAgilytix.
As part of the QC team, I essentially act as an interface between the laboratory and QA department. The scientific data from the lab is reviewed by us to ensure it is the best it can be before it continues on to QA. Because we touch every project, I work closely with the lab and QA to strategically prioritize QC data review processes based on client demands and deadlines – so obviously, communication is an important aspect of my role. I also act as a resource for the scientists and lab staff when it comes to regulatory or documentation questions, and coordinate training for new employees.

Has your position evolved over time, and how?
I have been with BioAgilytix for about three years now, and in that time the company and the QC team have grown significantly. When I started here, there were only two people in QC, and today there are ten. I am now one of the people on the team with the most experience, so my role has changed and evolved quite a bit. The growth has allowed me to take on more of a leadership role and to expand the breadth of work I do on a daily basis. I now have the opportunity to be involved in planning new hire training as well as training for current employees on LIMS and other quality-related systems.

The biggest change in my daily work life is that now, there are no pauses in the workflow like there used to be when I first started. We are constantly busy, but I have been able to play a role in setting up new processes that make our team more efficient and effective in the work that we do. It has been exciting for me to see how much our team can do while still upholding the critical level of quality required.

What is it like interfacing between two very different teams – scientific and QA?
In my experience, all of our teams – scientific, QC, and QA – have an excellent working relationship. Everyone on our QC team has had prior in-lab experience, and the scientists are genuinely respectful of our input and expertise – which is not a guarantee at every organization because we are trained to find errors and that can sometimes cause friction. There is also a very open door policy with the QA team when we have questions or need to troubleshoot issues, and I genuinely value those open lines of communication. I think everyone understands that if we collaborate closely together, we can all help elevate each other’s work.

You mentioned that you have become involved in training. How does BioAgilytix support training and professional development?
We have such a deep level of expertise in this facility, and BioAgilytix’s leadership has shown that they are willing to train people with the right potential. For example, we had someone on the scientific team that showed interest in working in QC. Now, it is not a job that everyone can do because it is very detail-oriented, but this person had the right qualities and most importantly, a desire to learn, so we trained her and she eventually moved from the lab to become a full-time member of our team.

Why do you enjoy working at BioAgilytix?
I am involved in a diverse set of projects during any given week, so I never have the opportunity to be bored; every day is different and that makes it exciting. I get to learn new things to challenge myself and improve my skills as a QC professional on a daily basis. I also love the people I work with, both on my own QC team and on the other teams as well. Across the board, there is a lot of collaboration and camaraderie among the staff members. We have made a point to maintain our smaller company atmosphere even though we are growing. All of this is why I drive 47 miles each way to work each day!

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