BioAgilytix offers one of the most extensive platform suites for large molecule bioanalysis because we are committed to supporting your complex studies with rapid, precise, and reproducible results. We understand that investment in industry-leading technology and in our scientists’ platform expertise is an absolute necessity if we are to continue delivering superior results that support your biotherapeutic innovations.

One of the most innovative platforms that BioAgilytix maintains is the BD FACSLyric™. Part of our advanced large molecule laboratory facilities, this flow cytometer is used when very accurate measurement of cellular biomarkers in complex subpopulations is necessary. Considered the most advanced platform for flow cytometric analysis, the FACSLyric combines simplicity, speed, and automation to streamline workflows and improve productivity in immunoassays study.

How It Works: The Technical Side of FACS Analysis
By definition, flow cytometry platforms utilize a laser-based technology to analyze the characteristics of an individual cell or particle. The flow cytometers used at BioAgilytix are advanced, employing a sophisticated array of lasers, optics, fluidics, and electronic detectors to measure fluorescence emission from cells labeled with fluorescent probes for various biomarkers. The cytometer interrogates individual cells at rates of up to 5,000 times per second to measure target protein expression and physical properties of the cells, including cell size and granularity.

The FACSLyric is equipped with three solid-state lasers and a digital acquisition system, allowing us to record events from 10 different fluorescence parameters simultaneously. Flow cytometric analysis, especially when conducted using the FACSLyric platform, offers scientists a truly extensive set of data – data that can then be used to make confident decisions when it comes to advancing complex studies.

Ideal Uses: Measuring Biomarkers in Complex Subpopulations
In general, flow cytometry is used in molecular biology, immunology, pathology, and plant biology. At BioAgilytix, we see the FACSLyric as an essential tool in identifying and measuring cellular biomarkers in complex subpopulations. While our scientists typically use FACSLyric for services involving biomarkers, we also leverage the platform for immunogenicity, cell-based assays, and immunophenotyping studies. We find it to be especially valuable for high-throughput, high-accuracy cell counting, as well as for studies involving biomarker detection and protein engineering—which we see more of each year. Due to its extreme sensitivity, we have also found that the FACSLyric excels when performing assays with dim or rare cell populations.

Key Benefits: Superior Consistency in Analyzing Individual Cells
Even when dealing with the most complex assays, the FACSLyric is able to generate reliable, repeatable results across tests and instruments. As an organization, we benefit from having the resulting detailed data on count, properties, and classification on a cell-by-cell basis. The FACSLyric platform also gives us the added flexibility to support clinical research for projects involving immune monitoring of patients, analysis of immune response within cell therapy, and cell line characterization.

Experts in Flow Cytometry Using FACSLyric
When you need accurate and efficient analysis of cellular biomarkers, you can turn to the veteran experts on the BioAgilytix team, who are equipped with the platform knowledge required to maximize the effectiveness of analysis with the FACSLyric. We are long-standing leaders in the utilization of flow cytometry for diverse large molecule studies, and our use of the FACSLyric platform demonstrates that BioAgilytix is staying on the leading edge of this type of testing. This platform, when paired with our scientific team’s depth of expertise using FACS analysis for immunogenicity, biomarkers, and cell-based assays, will help ensure we continue to deliver premium science to our customers.

Speak to one of our scientists today to find out more about how BioAgilytix combines veteran large molecule expertise with BD’s advanced FACSLyric technology to efficiently progress your large molecule study, within scope and with reliable results.